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Sooner Inquiry is all about moving forward and not letting the view of our past hinder that pursuit.  Bad credit is expensive.  Not only in the things you can't enjoy like home ownership or new cars, but if you can quality the interest rates are much higher than they should be.  This imposes a long term cost that can easily equate to many tens of thousands of dollars.

Credit issues can and do hit all people of all walks of life.  Like an illness it can be brought on by circumstances beyond our control, causing many layers of hardship for us.  At Sooner Inquiry we are committed to providing solutions based on your unique set of factors.  We start with a full analysis of your current situation, followed by a focused plan measuring the results along the way.

Credit scores and credit reports can be cleaned up and repaired.  But don't wait.  Waiting often times allows things that could be disputed to persist, and continues to paint an inaccurate story of your credit worthiness.  Partner with Sooner Inquiry today to make your credit the way it should be.

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